Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Dressed2love!

March 31 marks my 1 year of blogging! Seriously...from here on out I will consider March 31st my 2nd birthday. It was the day my blog, my leggings, and my dreams of becoming a designer started to become reality. For all of you who just started following check back at some of my very first and favorite blog posts!

In the past year I have been called a super hero, stopped in the street on a daily basis, spent my whole day picking out fabric and my whole night sewing it, have been called the legging girl instead of my name in several convos, sewed my finger (thank god only once), and even been laughed at by NYC tourists...Silly tourists--these leggings are for fashionistas only!!
I had quite the journey. I even ended up taking on another blog ( Balancing 2 blogs, a full-time job, and sewing leggings, AND a social life is not an easy thing...Thank you starbucks, Thank you all of my followers...and Thank you have been here with me through the good times and the hard times...It sure has been one heck of a year! I can only imagine what's more to come... :)

Tomorrow I might have to stop by Magnolias Bakery on my way home and get a cupcake to celebrate:)

Much love while being dressed2love,

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