Monday, April 4, 2011

How to be a ROCKSTAR

How to be a Rockstar. Don't know how to sing? Either do I..but that doesn't mean you can't still rock!

1. Invest in a vest. Whether it's got cut off sleeves, is studded out, or is made of glitter layering a vest over a plain T is the perfect and effortless rocker vibe. Here I am wearing a Levi's vest with metal gromets a remake from a vintage store layered over the top of an old navy tank.

2. Gem out. Cover your wrists in gems. Leather cuffs, unique watches...etc. Here I am wearing my fav leather cuff from QVC (thanks mom) with a few bracelets from tibetan jewelry stores and watch second hand from Buffalo Exchange.

3. Sleep in Glitter. Glitter will be your new best friend. But make sure it's not the cheesey super flash kind. Look at vintage shops for older glitter tops...or rock my glitter leggings :) Glitter in small amounts is ok! Here I am rocking my glitter leggings with a Miss Gustto bag.

4. Ring thing. Wear tons of crazy rings. It doesn't matter if they don't really match...layer a few smaller ones together...make it look like you could pick a tough fight. My claw ring below is possibly one of the coolest rings I have owned!! (Estelle + Rachel Roy $40 online). My studded cross double finger ring is also another fav :)

The most imporant part to pulling off the rocker look is you just gotta roll outa bed and put the first outfit you find on...don't think too hard and remember, if it looks too obvious the whole "I don't really care, I'm a rockstar" thing won't work.

You don't gotta know how to sing to know how to rock!


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