Thursday, April 28, 2011

No, My House Didn't Land On A Witch.

Soo...the past few days I have been kinda in a sad mood...Don't really know why I guess just a lot of personal stupid emotional stuff. On the bright side two orders this week! :) Both orders were my super cute gold disco pair off to Mississippi and the other off to Ohio...Yay! Go more Midwest orders. Crazy thing: You all know my obsession with the Wizard of Oz. Well lately I downloaded the series which is really 15 books and have been reading it on my book reader. In the real story Dorothy's ruby red slippers aren't really red...they are silver. They used red for the movie because they figured it would look better on technicolor. Anywho...Shortly after recieving my Mississippi order and having such crazy luck with trying to ship it...I find out a whole bunch of tornadoes went through the south. That day at Buffalo Exchange came in my very own "Modern Dorothy Slippers" as I will call them. Mui Mui glitter flats. AMAZING. I had to have. I mean it's not every day a pair of glitter slippers come flying into the store as if a tornado dropped them off from some far away land. So I decided once again to sell some old stuff...and get these amazing new glitter shoes. I really needed them in my life. I mean would you have let them go? I don't know if I can even wear these things down the streets of New York, but that never stopped me when I was 5! A part of me really wishes they were red...But no matter what color they are...they are glitter! :) This is my first pair of high end designer shoes...hmm...this could be a problem.

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