Friday, August 31, 2012

Criss Cross

Fashion week is around the corner...and I cant be out and about in last years leggings! So...I got a few yards of fabric and started to get inspired.

Thus this creation was born. A metallic with mesh cross legging. They were possibly one of the more difficult pairs I have made...but I was up for the challenge. There is not a thing that I cant do with spandex. :)

Hope you like them....

Friday, August 17, 2012

Aliens Exist in Brooklyn

Finally I am happy to say I have hunted down the galaxy fabric...and have created the perfect leggings :) Black milk's galaxy leggings have nothing on mine ;) Available now on my ustrendy!! Check them out...

Best Friend Discount

Hey everyone! If your a fan of my leggings you are going to like what I have to tell you next. From now until September 3rd I am giving all my fans the best friend discount! 40% off your order! Doesnt matter if it's a dress or leggings... Coupon Code at checkout is legging love.

Happy shopping :)

click here to go to my legging store:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Opposite of Fashion

Sooo...I have had this blog now for quite some time and I am starting to slack a bit on it. I think maybe it's time to start a new fresh blog...since I have grown soo much since the start of this blog. This blog helped me find myself and as I look back at all the posts I see how much I have done and been through...It has been quite the journey so far. I will continue to post on here every so often tho...since this blog is my baby :)

But anywho...follow me on my tumblr :) to see my new photo diary:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


These were my favorite leggings to wear for the longest time after I made them...but it was always soo hard to tell their true identity in photos. These pics still dont do them as much justice as they should but about the best I can do...Its a shame all the glitter and glamour cant be caught on camera.

Marry the Night

Here I mixed the holographic spandex in black and pink to make for a fun but still edgy pair of leggings. 

Im gunna marry the night...


Ding dong the witch is dead...and I stole her leggings!
Originally leggings that were part of my Wizard of Oz collection. They were in the fashion show at Juliet. I just updated the photos on them finally! :)

Silver metallic stripe with nude mesh details to create illusions on your legs.

The Land of Oz

Leggings inspired by the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. 
Green velvet mixed with silver glitter is the perfect combination for an edgy look. With the two textures playing with your eyes, these leggings will get you noticed! :)

I would go vamp


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