Sunday, April 28, 2013

Barbie's Day Out

Hey Hey. Yesterday I had a little Central Park adventure with my friend Dev. Finally we had some nice warmer weather Saturday. I ended up getting a burger and fries from Shake Shack and heading to lay in the sun.

Of course I had to wear one of my new dresses! I got quite a lot of compliments on the bright ensemble.

P.s. it glows under black light ;)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Peplums Peplums Everywhere

New shots of my products!
Thanks Melissa for modeling my designs :)


I just had to make a peplum mermaid dress to add to my collection of fun glittery mermaid pieces. So here it is--the mermaid peplum tank dress...and its really awesome!

Shop now: Us Trendy
Storenvy (enter legginglove at checkout for %35 off!)

Glow in the Galaxy

I was painting my nails last night with my gel nail kit...and I realized that the UV light made a lot of my designs glow! What a cool discovery this was....I'm sure all my fans will be pumped to know they can wear their stuff to the club or where ever has black lights and stand out from everyone else...Heck, I kinda wanna just go somewhere right now that has a black light...I mean come cool does this look?

Material Girl

Check out this new neon sweetheart cutout dress I added to my online store. Not only is it super neon during the day...but it also glows under the black light...making it an outfit to for sure set you apart from all the other fashionistas at a club or music festival...or anywhere with a black light ;)

Stand out in the dark...

It's one of my favorite things to do :) (at checkout enter legginglove for %35 off!)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Devyn Shaughnessy New York

This weekend was beautiful weather for New York. Finally the first signs of spring are here. I took advantage of the sunshine and did some new photo shooting with a friend of mine. Thanks Melissa for dealing with my million outfit changes :) But finally I am more on the way to having a more professional lookbook. Thank gosh Brooklyn is so photogenic and we didn't even have to go 5 steps out of my doorway to get these amazing shots!

Behind the scenes:

 Devyn Shaughnessy New York
Edgy Lady Liberty

Model and Makeup Artist: Melissa Sepulveda
Photographer and Designer: Devyn Shaughnessy


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