Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chairlift - Evident Utensil

This is a very cool and innovative music video that I love by one of my fav bands :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


I am pretty obsessed with the color of pistachio pudding. I think I have liked the color ever since my mom made me the pudding when I was younger. Kinda funny to get inspired by such a weird thing...but my next collection I couldn't resist I am in love with the color!

In the fabric store I found the perfect color of spandex for my inspiration, and at home I already had some of this nude spandex polka dot fabric that looks really cool with it. As I started to design the dress I originally had planned to make the front of the dress have a deep v in the polka dot fabric and in the back have a cute little square out of the same polka dot. When I finished the dress I noticed that really since the fabric is so stretchy I could wear the dress either way! Which is pretty darn cool...a reversible dress..two totally different looks... :)
 one side
 other side

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rooftop Views...

Last night was another little networking adventure with Pamela. We went to this amazing rooftop party in midtown...well actually amazing isnt event the word. This place was a 60 million dollar place with a priceless view...I think ill take it tomorrow :) haha I only wish! But anyways it was a fun little networking party and we traveled like a little entourage covered head to toe in my Italian friend Pamela's designs. Met tons of people, saw a cool view, and took tons of photos!! 

Designs by Pamela Quinzi, Photography by Michael Garber

Sunday, May 16, 2010

she built up a world of magic...

love is the morning sunrise,
love is a cup of coffee,
love is that clean pair of jeans and new t-shirt you just put on,
love is the lime green polish on your toes in your cute strappy sandals,
love is the fresh summer air,
love is your favorite song,
love is your favorite song in acoustic,
love is a fashion magazine,
love is a photograph hanging on your wall,
love is that city skyline you see everynight,
love is a compliment from a complete stranger,
love is a cupcake,
love is a walk in the park and the sight of the flowers in the breeze,
love is that necklace your wearing from a special someone,
love is your eyes, nose, lips,
love is a sunset,

real love is when you find that one person that can't compare to the love you feel for all of these things...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Online Portfolio

This is my online portfolio that I had to make as one of my requirements to graduate from the Art Institute of NYC...I found it today when I was digging through my flash drive of all the things I had photoshopped and hadn't really looked at in almost a year!! Its a bit rough since I was a student and this was a learning assignment...but I still enjoy it :)

What's Life Without Color!

Sephora I must say has the best collection of nail polish colors by OPI. I am totally obsessed and when I say obsessed I mean I can't go a day without a fun color from OPI by Sephora on my nails. I seriously have tried most every color they have made! I mean how can you resist the cute names on the bottom of the bottle!? Here are my top 5 fav colors...I usually get the most compliements on these colors...

caliente coral

iris i was skinnier

leaf him at the altar

teal we meet again

too good for him

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 makes me lose control...

Music has a huge influence on my creativity. Music inspires me, music makes me happy, music helps my mind create. Here are just some of the bands/artists I have on my sewing playlist ;) I couldn't fit everything because I could totally go on for days...well, maybe not that long...but these are the ones that are for sure the most worth checking out :)

-Lykke Li
-Owl City (of course I listen to them...they are from MN :p )
-Lily Allen
-A Spill Canvas (very emo...but still a fav)
-Dashboard Confessional
-La Roux
-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-A Rocket to the Moon
-Brand New
-Regina Spektor
-Katy Perry (love her style!)
-Bat for Lashes
-A Day to Remember
-Fly Leaf
-Hey Monday
-Friday Night Boys
-Jack Johnson
-Lady Gaga
-The Pink Spiders
-The Ting Tings (Thats not my name ;) )
-Two Door Cinema Club (love love love!!)
-Jack's Mannequin
-Legion of Doom
-Kate Nash
-Norah Jones

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh for the love of STRIPES :)

So, to add to my collection of slippery subway grates I made a pretty simple but yet cool and trendy skirt. The skirt is pretty basic but the cool thing about it is one side has horizontal stripes and the other side has verticle stripes. Since the skirt is made out of a spandex it doesnt matter how you wear it: frontward, backward, sideward. You could wear this dress everyday a different way and it will look like a different skirt! Cool right?

Also over the weekend I made a cool one shoulder dress out of the same fabric. The one shoulder has a cap sleeve in the fun stripe fabric to match the slanted lines in the skirt. The top of the dress is all black with a cute hot pink mesh insert. The dress is made out of very fun punky/rocker style fabrics but its a very classic silhouette making this a fun dress but also work appropriate :) This dress is possibly one of my favorites yet...inspired slightly by my final collection from college...with some similarities in the design just different fabrics. Below in one photo I have it worn with a blazer and the second shows the cute little sleeve :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's A Beautiful Night For A Walk In The Park :)

Tonight the weather in the city was AMAZING! I went for a little stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge and discovered the coolest park I have ever been to in NYC. The park is a brand new under the brooklyn bridge and the view is unbelieveable! I had to take some pics...def couldn't resist. Epecially with my icecream cone in hand and the cool night breeze coming off the can't tell me that this doesn't make you love New York...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Summer in the City of Dreams

Let's just say New York in the summer is unbearably hot...and today reminded all New Yorkers of that. Don't get me wrong I totally enjoy the summer weather...but not a million degrees summer weather! People were everywhere eating at trendy little outdoor restaurants and shopping in the boutiques. Everyone was pulling out the trendy summer dresses and cute strappy wedges...made me realize I NEED to go shopping for summer clothes ASAP :p

I got off work a bit early today and was able to wander around in the heat of course with an iced coffee from starbucks in hand :P there was even a cute little street fair on Broadway right in SoHo...couldn't resist that...found some cool handmade jewelry to spice up my summer wardrobe. Also I found some cool new ideas for D.I.Y. and can't wait to wander the garment district one of these days to find all the supplies.

cool handmade bracelets with my swatch watch :)

cool park in Tribeca

laying in the grass...


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