Sunday, May 16, 2010

she built up a world of magic...

love is the morning sunrise,
love is a cup of coffee,
love is that clean pair of jeans and new t-shirt you just put on,
love is the lime green polish on your toes in your cute strappy sandals,
love is the fresh summer air,
love is your favorite song,
love is your favorite song in acoustic,
love is a fashion magazine,
love is a photograph hanging on your wall,
love is that city skyline you see everynight,
love is a compliment from a complete stranger,
love is a cupcake,
love is a walk in the park and the sight of the flowers in the breeze,
love is that necklace your wearing from a special someone,
love is your eyes, nose, lips,
love is a sunset,

real love is when you find that one person that can't compare to the love you feel for all of these things...

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