Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh for the love of STRIPES :)

So, to add to my collection of slippery subway grates I made a pretty simple but yet cool and trendy skirt. The skirt is pretty basic but the cool thing about it is one side has horizontal stripes and the other side has verticle stripes. Since the skirt is made out of a spandex it doesnt matter how you wear it: frontward, backward, sideward. You could wear this dress everyday a different way and it will look like a different skirt! Cool right?

Also over the weekend I made a cool one shoulder dress out of the same fabric. The one shoulder has a cap sleeve in the fun stripe fabric to match the slanted lines in the skirt. The top of the dress is all black with a cute hot pink mesh insert. The dress is made out of very fun punky/rocker style fabrics but its a very classic silhouette making this a fun dress but also work appropriate :) This dress is possibly one of my favorites yet...inspired slightly by my final collection from college...with some similarities in the design just different fabrics. Below in one photo I have it worn with a blazer and the second shows the cute little sleeve :)

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