Friday, October 26, 2012

Lady Liberty

It just wouldnt be halloween if I didnt make my own costume. I mean I cant go out and about in those prepackaged ones. That would be a tragedy. I can see it already how many sexy bees, nurses, and cops there are going to be. Thank gosh for being a designer! :)

I decided to go with Lady Liberty this year. A glittery, more fashionable updated version of her :) Plus I can wear this dress at any time of the year!

Now all's I need is my crown and my torch.

So here's to my 5th halloween in New York City.

New York, I love you.

available on my ustrendy shop:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Under The Stars

Happy Saturday Morning. While you guys were all out last night...I was sitting at home...making leggings of course!

The fabric store had some new galaxy with a floral mixed into it...can you say obsessed?

Here they are...Under The Stars...Galaxy meets Floral meets Hologram...I guarantee you will not find any other leggings out there like mine :)

Purchase at my ustrendy store:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Over The Edge

Today me and a friend got together and did some photoshooting at 75 wall street. It has an amazing view...but of course a place that expensive to live is going to have an impressive view :) Since none of us technically live there we were living a little on the edge ...I mean my friend used to so if anything we would be able to pretend that she still did. Thank you Mr. Maintenance Guy for leaving the service door open so we could get down Over the Edge.

 Here are some of the behind the scenes photos that I took...but the photographer got waaay more amazing shots. But until I have those back here are some teasers.... :) ohhh...and if you like them you can purchase them at:


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