Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Stuff!

Summer is almost here and I got tons of new dresses for you..
Everything from holograms, glitter, and bright tye dyes to birds of paradise.
Enjoy :)
available now online at:
Disco Ball

Hologram Unicorn




Sunday, May 4, 2014

Money Honey

Check out Mimi rocking my Money Honey dress with gold metallic air max's on a night out with some friends!
Available online at:

Paint By Jungle

Check out this cool new paint by jungle dress!
Looks kinda like a paint by number print with fun jungle animals.
Glows under black light...which makes this the perfect dress for a summer music festival, a night out on the town, or a new adventure.
Part of my Tourist in Paradise collection. Made with the girls in mind who long for adventure, but don't really care about the destination. They are willing to get lost in a paradise far away...
available online now at:

worn here by Dev B NYC


Desert Rose

Hey Hey! I got some cool new dresses all ready to go for this spring/summer! Starting with this cool floral desert print I like to call Desert Rose.
This fun skater dress has a desert floral print with blue mesh cutout details on the side front and center back of the dress.
You wont find any other pieces out there like this one!
Check it out..available now on my online shop:

Monday, March 10, 2014

SkyRoom-Psychedelic Disco

Hey Hey! Its been a while...but I have been soo busy sewing I have neglected my blog. Plus I'm not going to lie I have been kinda over blogs for a bit. But I figured I had enough time off and if I don't keep track of what I'm doing no one will.

So a few weeks ago I had a fashion show with Pamela at Skyroom. I got pretty inspired  for this upcoming spring and made all these crazy colorful and psychedelic dresses. I think I sewed like 7 dresses in 2 days! Talk about cray.

But all came out pretty cool in the end. Looking back at it all now I didn't realize how colorful of a person I really am. I mean if I could see myself everyday I would say "Yes I am colorful". But I really don't know any other way of life. Most people move to New York City and after a month are draped head to toe in black. Me--not so much. Color is me. Its really cool though to see all those girls walking through a dark lit spot and standing out. I could see every single one of them mingled in with groups of people shortly after the show. It was like I was standing in someone else's body for a second and looking at myself. Kinda cool.

So after that experience I realized I am colorful.

But color to me is so much more than just seeing something. To me it is a way of expressing myself at that moment. I cant pick a favorite color because I honestly love them all. Some days I'm attracted to blue, others pink. Some days I even settle for an almost black green.

So, the next time someone tells me something I made would be soo much cooler in black...I'll make sure to NEVER make it in black.
noun: colour; noun: color; plural noun: colors
  1. 1.
    the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

Color, here's to you...and many many more dresses :)

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Little Money Never Hurt Nobody

Some people say "More money, more problems" but I really don't see the problem with it here :)
Miley Cyrus wore a cool money two piece and other money printed things have been making a scene in the spandex world. However, there most def isn't money apparel out there that comes anything close to mine ;) Last season I was obsessed with the galaxy...and now this year money is taking over. 

I combined black hologram spandex with the money print to make the leggings super edgy.

And for the money print two piece, I kept it simple. A long high waist pencil skirt with a long sleeve crop top--it is fall after all :)

A little money never hurt nobody.
So why not wear it?
Available now at:

The Future of Hologram

Its been a while since I have posted on here...and I kinda miss the whole blogging thing. But anyways I have been sewing a whole whole bunch of cool new stuff. Sooo...I guess I'll start with my new fav pair--HOLOGRAM!

Purchase them online at legginglove for 35% off! 


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