Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who's That Girl

wandering around NYC on a cold snowy night...when will the snow ever stop!! This is the first winter I have actually seen ice floating in the was sooo cool I got a sort of Titanic iceberg feeling...

Here is a pretty interesting article I read on I to a certain extent agree with what she is trying to say. I have been pondering myself why my blog..something I believe is about my journey becoming a designer, how my life has changed over the course of starting the blog, and to show people to follow their dreams and not be rated last compared to these other girls who are rich enough to run around with expensive designer things and talk about what's cool and what isn't instead of teaching their readers to discover their own personal style. And to another extent it is pretty harsh...but after all Italy is where the blonde salad the leader of them all is from...

"The term fashion blogger is in dire need of being compartmentalized. Personal style bloggers are quite different than street style photogs, who differ even further from those who comment on fashion news, write their own written features, or even the type who highlight the editorials they think are life changing. Overall, fashion bloggers in the most general sense celebrate fashion at its core, but apparently, one major part of Italian fashion is not celebrating them.

EIC of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozanni is directing her wrath at a particular subset of fashion blogger – those of the personal style sort – taking to her blog to say , "They don't offer an opinion but only talk about themselves, take their own pictures wearing absurd outfits. What's the point? I don't even know who they are except a few names because they are so many and all the same, they are so worried about what to wear to get noticed that my eyes only see a crowd in the end. " I think the point may be that those pictures are getting them front row at fashion shows, free merch and lucrative modeling deals, but I digress, because she wasn't finished berating the young ones yet.

Nope, because not only are they not even worth remembering, you shouldn't listen to fashion bloggers either, "These aren't people who have been working in fashion too long to end up criticizing everything, the shows, and they don't have a background in fashion so they are not conditioned by their knowledge or interests. There comments are naif and enthusiastic. They don't hold a real importance in the business. Of course not." No, but they know what they like, and their followers trust their opinions, so the question of experience is moot, because if people buy the things they promote, that translates to sales which is good for everyone in fashion.

Sozanni does go on to contradict herself by concluding with, "Not all trends are nice and not all bloggers are good, but so it's for designers and journalists. Time is needed to emerge, and when you make it, to resist. Time decides what's successful or not. What makes history. The blogger phenomenon is too young, too new."

I don't believe it's too young or too new, but I do think that the fashion blogger market is oversaturated and the great will be weeded out from the mediocre. It just seems antiquated to dismiss the phenomenon so easily, after all, fashion at its core is meant to embrace the new and groundbreaking." StyleCaster

Watch Out Cupid

Watch out Cupid
Stuck me with a sickness
Pull your little arrows out
Let me live my life

You better watch out Cupid
Stuck me with a sickness
Pull your little arrows out
Let me live my life
The one I'd better lead
All the blondes are fantasies

And we looked at them eleven ways
You said, "Look at me". And looked away
And you wrote the song I wanna play
I'll write you harmony in C

Everybody,everybody just wanna fall in love
Everybody,everybody just wanna play the lead

Watch out Cupid
Money is a sick muse
Pull your little arrows out
And let me live my life

She said, "I'm with stupid"
Money is a sick muse
Pull your little arrows out
Let me live my life
The one I'd better lead
All the blondes are fantasies

And we looked at them eleven ways
You said, "Look at me". And looked away
And you wrote the song I wanna play
I'll write you harmony in C

Everybody,everybody just wanna fall in love
Everybody,everybody just wanna play the lead

 inspired by the song "Sick Muse" by Metric

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too strange to be true

After the post about my rings I decided to do a little research on Moonstone. Lately it has become one of my favs and I noticed that the moonstone ring I have on my pink ring sometimes looks as if it has changed color slightly. I was curious if maybe moonstone is some kind of natural moodring. What I found was even more strange. One website said it is a lucky stone for those born in July...more particular one born on the 2nd or 7th. Then the next line said it should be worn in silver on the smallest finger. WEIRD...I was born on July 2, and I have been wearing this ring forever on my pinky finger (and it's set in silver). Well let's just hope it's as lucky as they say...

Don't Mess With a Blogger...

Don't mess with a blogger...I guarantee they are well armed with super dangerous jewelry.

Here are a few of my fav rings I have collected over the years...The huge metal one I am wearing on the middle finger is a new piece I got the other day. Others I got from family, the salvation army, or vacations. I am in love with rings..without them..I feel naked...I even sleep with all of this crazy stuff on...I guess my fear is that I will loose one if I ever take it off.. :) All my friends claim I would win any fight if I even tried..But we all know I'm a lover not a fighter...Maybe the rings will just scare them off before they even try.


Dressed2love leggings in iPad Apple Ad? just kidding...I'm not really in the Apple marketing, my friend Anna used some of my pics for a mock marketing project in school. It still turned out pretty cool though I think...Maybe one day I can really be in the Apple marketing. I loved her concept of Stop Working Start Playing...totally something a lot of people these days need to do! Well enjoy, and verrry cool Anna! Love you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blizzard Times

My roomie roped me into going to do laundry with her in a thunderblizzard...ya...I shoulda wore a better coat...But starbucks was amazingly warm! We wandered through washington square and I had to take pics for the blog of course...I'm ADDICTED TO BLOGGING. 

Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Scarf and Hat: Buffalo Exchange
Jeans: Tripp
Bag: Miss Gustto (
Photography: Gaia Simmonds (roomate)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lost in a song.

Shoes, Headbands, Styling: Pamela Quinzi Design
Photography: Devyn Shaughnessy

Lost in a dance.

Dress: Dressed2love
Shoes and headband: Pamela Quinzi Design
Clutch: Miss Gustto
Styling: Me
Photography: Pamela Quinzi

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I would go Vamp for JC

I would go Vampire for Jeffrey Campbell...
Gothic black and Glitter...and stalk the night.

Leggings: Dressed2love 
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Fur coat and sparkle top: Vintage
Glasses: 3D glasses stolen from the movie theater

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old School.

I was looking through my facebook at all my pics from when I was going to is where I learned how to be a fashion this tiny little dorm room in brooklyn heights in room 435. Some good times in that tiny little space...4 different roommates, 1 sewing machine, and a whole bunch of magazines covering the walls...welcome to life in the St. George back when...we had quite a few inside jokes me and my friends..."your mom goes to pace.", hall parties on the 3rd floor, crushing on actors from SFT, chillin in the lounge, making our own music videos, and pretending to be cool because the liquor store below the dorms accepts fake I.D's...So here's to the "Jorge" (as we called it).

here is where the creativity all started...with edward cullen lifesize on the wall :)
 desperate housewife of nyc...
 wall of inspiration...
 this is how i clean my room
 Art Institute Poster Child...I was famous in the school...
 yep for a whole year I lived on the street sign on canal street...
 A trip to Niagara Falls...and here I thought I was fashionista
 rooftops in Williamsburg
 waiting for the subway...peace.
 I lived in hoodies
 ohhh no...that was unfortunately my fav winter jacket...RIP
 rocking the sequins...getting a little bit more stylish
I only owned ripped jeans
 I was trying to prove my strength...didn't work so well
 this is where my obsession with starbucks began...hello venti you are my new best friend
 we were rebels...kinda sorta...well at least that's what the dorms knew us as
sewing in the lounge...I was known as the "leggings" girl because I was always sewing leggings in the lounge
you def would not catch me going out in this outfit in 2011... 

Speaking of 2011...Time to get into the taxi back to today...  :)


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