Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old School.

I was looking through my facebook at all my pics from when I was going to is where I learned how to be a fashion this tiny little dorm room in brooklyn heights in room 435. Some good times in that tiny little space...4 different roommates, 1 sewing machine, and a whole bunch of magazines covering the walls...welcome to life in the St. George back when...we had quite a few inside jokes me and my friends..."your mom goes to pace.", hall parties on the 3rd floor, crushing on actors from SFT, chillin in the lounge, making our own music videos, and pretending to be cool because the liquor store below the dorms accepts fake I.D's...So here's to the "Jorge" (as we called it).

here is where the creativity all started...with edward cullen lifesize on the wall :)
 desperate housewife of nyc...
 wall of inspiration...
 this is how i clean my room
 Art Institute Poster Child...I was famous in the school...
 yep for a whole year I lived on the street sign on canal street...
 A trip to Niagara Falls...and here I thought I was fashionista
 rooftops in Williamsburg
 waiting for the subway...peace.
 I lived in hoodies
 ohhh no...that was unfortunately my fav winter jacket...RIP
 rocking the sequins...getting a little bit more stylish
I only owned ripped jeans
 I was trying to prove my strength...didn't work so well
 this is where my obsession with starbucks began...hello venti you are my new best friend
 we were rebels...kinda sorta...well at least that's what the dorms knew us as
sewing in the lounge...I was known as the "leggings" girl because I was always sewing leggings in the lounge
you def would not catch me going out in this outfit in 2011... 

Speaking of 2011...Time to get into the taxi back to today...  :)

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