Saturday, January 1, 2011

If you wanna get with me there's some things you gotta know

Hope everyone had a good new years! I know I did. Me and Pamela started the night off at a loft party on 46th street just blocks from where the ball drops thinking it would be a good party...It turned out to be a very small tight spot with too many people we didn't really know-and no TV. So at 11:20 we had to make a fast decision to head on to the next party. We hop in a cab and head all the way from 46th street to 116th street in Harlem!! Mr. Cab please go fast! We can't miss the countdown. 

We arrive at 116th street at 11:45 pm...thank god! Just in time to pop champagne and countdown the clock. It was a pretty chill night at first. We were playing DJ on Youtube and relaxing...Monroe's got an awesome apt--and a cute little fish tank too! I finally got a 1Oak hat...I have been begging him for months to give me one...but he says they are only for extremely VIP people...Finally he said I am worthy :)

Then around 2 he kicked us out and Pamela was already ready to go on her next adventure :) So we ended up splitting up and I headed to the next party...That's when I failed miserably to take any all my pics are from the first part of the night. At the next party things were a bit more crazy. We went up on the roof and had a snowball fight...well it was mostly everyone throw snowballs at Devyn... love you guys. This New Years was  the best I have had in a while. 

2010 was a good run...can't wait to see 2011!

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