Thursday, December 30, 2010

deal of the day

Sitting in starbucks on 26th street on my cool xmas prsent...gotta love blogging is about to get sooo much more fun. I found some amazing red lepard print pants at buffalo exchange mom would be sooo very proud. In her closet she has a "vintage" pair of Guess jeans (from the 80's) lepard print with side zippers. I saw them a few times growing up but never saw them being actually worn by her...she alwas tried to pawn them off on me saying they would come back in style. Just the thought of it always made me laugh but now the jokes on me. I can only imagine my younger mom wearing them. I guess maybe she is where all my crazy fashion sense stems from...can't have an unstylish mom. So even if everyone else hates them I know my mom will love them..maybe ill save mine for 20 years...

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