Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I may not be a model...but I'm pretty super

We all know the end of 20-10 is here...Here's the best of 20-10...The start of dressed2love, the start of change in my life, the start of my identity in NYC. Twenty-ten is where it all started...and it's def not where it will end! Real entries from my personal journal...the things you didnt know were happening backstage...and how I really felt while I was blogging things.

Dec 31 2009/Jan 1 2010
Brought in the New Year at Veranda during one of NYC's crazy winter blizzards. Watched the ball drop with several new friends I have made. Had Champagne and noise makers to count down the minutes...only thing I was missing was Italy!

Philosophy...words of wisdom from a shampoo bottle
"To be somebody you dont have to be great, you just have to be good. Good people become somebody to everybody by striving to be the best they can be never at the expense of others."

Jan 22 2010
Going to call it an early night-funny how midnight is an early night in NYC-work a double tomorrow...eww. Nothing new went to a movie tonight with my promoter friends-felt good to be part of a crew again.

Jan 25
Went to the museum of natural history for the first time=LOVE.

Feb 14
Valentines day...another day single. At least there is such a thing as sunday brunch. I somehow ended up in greenpoint the night before...maybe had to do with a crush on P. But of course like all the others he vanished. By now everything with me and I. is over...that was soo November. On the bright side walking through the park I met a whole crew from Fairbo, MN...small city right? Only to find out later they would be in my life on the regular.

Feb 15
I dont think I have ever seen sooo much snow in NYC in my life.

Feb 25
Had a very busy week with running around. The other night I went to dinner at STK, then tenjune, then SL...and last stop 1oak. I hung out with P. for a bit...he was staying at the Standard hotel in the Meatpacking. Sick view.

March 2, 10, 25
Lindsey comes out to visit me in a week! Yay I am sooo excited. Just finished watching He's just not that into you...good words of advice for a girl. --Not too sure she is liking NYC-def a different way of living-Minnesota ppl are spoiled and they dont even know.--Time has been flying, maybe because of the lack of sleep I have been having. --Last night was Anna's going away party..tear! I can't believe she is leaving...she taught me everything I know about this city in 9 months.--Next week is Pamela's fashion show :)
March 31, 8:58 pm
The birth of is where it all starts.

April 5
Havent been able to write in a while because Kirsten has been out in NYC visitin me. Pamela's fashion show on friday went amazing! Very well done...and I feel like I personally put myself out there. I wore a brides dress :) Five outfit changes and the finale.... I didnt fall.

April 13, 14
Round two fashion show is coming up soon at the Gates. This time I will have a few of my very own leggings in the show! Supposedly also I. is supposed to be coming back to the city next week-I won't get too excited though just in case!--Me and Pamela went to the Plaza tonight after doing some styling for the show. It was super cool to see the inside! I love nice and expensive parties but it was a little too fancy pants for me. 

April 17
So the fashion show was amazing! The models were all gorgeous, the clothes looked good, the venue was beautiful and we all had a fun time. This show I can say was truely better...mainly because we had people from New York running the show-not St. Louis. My leggings were totally amazing in the photography! I was in love.

"I love fashion, and I wont settle until fashion loves me back."

I believe one day fashion will love me back. I am an artist. I cant just make clothes...they have to be a form of art. To be able to make something to a way that your pushing your limits and other peoples. I believe good designers change and inspire people..the people they dress, the people they meet, and most important...themselves.

April 18
My mom is going to kill me for sure. I got my second tat that I have wanted for the longest time. "Alis volat propriis" (she flies with her own wings) on my sketching hand-to symbolize all that I have done and that my sketch hand is like my very own set of wings to my fashion world. A friend and I were hanging out in the village having sushi and sake and just decided to go get tats-maybe not the smartest idea...but hey I love it! I got it done in a hot pink :) I. comes back to NYC tomorrow...dont know what's going to happen there.

April 20
I. is back. I saw him last night we went out for dinner and Pamela tagged along. She told me she saw exactly the same crazy things me and him feel when we are together. To think he has been away 5 months! 

May 2
I have been super busy this week working and hanging out with I. I haven't been out in weeks! I am going crazy I need some fun in my life. This time around I. has been more antisocial and doesn't like the whole going out scene. What happened out in CA? R. Has been sooo unoriginal lately. Looks like a bad bootleg version of dressed2love. More fake than a fake tan. 

May 3
Went on a walk across the Brooklyn bridge with I.

May 5
The weather was nice today. Cant believe its May already! Where did time go? Last night I went with Pamela to a nice place called Covet (I. is in Boston for the weekend doing abercrombie shoots) Covet was nice but not my kinda crowd. Mostly old rich people with no sense of fashion. Lame Ducks. p.s I wore a dress I made

May 16 
Just got home from greenhouse. Today things ended with I. I finally realized a few days ago he isn't the one for me. His lifestyle is always changing scenery. Sure he is amazingly good looking, but the modeling industry is shaping him into a different person...not the same one I knew. I need to focus on my fashion and the rest will come later...Don't need to get soo serious with a boy right now. 

Love is the morning sunrise,
Love  is a cup of coffee,
Love is that clean pair of jeans and new t-shirt,
Love is lime green polish on your toes...and your hair in a pony-tail,
Love is a cupcake,
Love is fresh summer air, 
Love is your favorite song,
Love is your favorite song in acousitc,
Love is a fashion magazine,
Love is that pep in your step,
Love is that city skyline,
Love is a compliment from a complete stranger,
Love is a golden sunset with purple clouds,
True love is the love you feel for the little things in life. 

May 19
Today I had the day off so I went out wandering around the city and found some more cool fabrics to make leggings. I love creating things from spandex. Spandex has become my new fav material and new secret weapon. Maybe i'll make something and go out to Avenue tonight. 

May 20
Pamela had a cool networking event last night. I had to be her "model". The apt was sick! A 60 million dollar place...with a priceless view. OMG can I please move in?

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