Sunday, December 26, 2010

I may not be a model...but I'm pretty super PART II

May 31
I finally ordered some business cards due to the fact lately every time I have been out people are addicted to my leggings! 

June 9
Over the weekend I dyed my hair super bright red with cool blond, orange, and redder highlights, with a darker color underneath. I totally feel more edgy and suits my wardrobe more..
June 18
Pamela's fashion event at Lima's taste went amazing! The setting was very intimate and romantic. A lot of people showed up!

June 22
I am starting a new blog project with Pamela and her boss at Gustto. They gave me a buncha bags and want me to walk around the city blogging and taking pictures with the bags. I am sooo excited to start this project. I wanna put my own life story into this blog. It will be a cool project and I am excited to be a part of it! 

June 24 
The birth of Miss Gustto: Follow Me ( My life story...even the things that sound impossible...there are no lies and no secrets unkept.

June 24
Went out for dinner with the desperate housewives of New York (not the real ones but they could be) at Abe and Arthurs. Everyone worked on Wall Street...and were super rich. There were a few club owners and investors. We ordered everything on the menu to eat. These people were insane. One girl even claimed to have connects with Phillip Lim. The women all def hated me...I was a young, hip girl...they were all 28 and had several plastic surgeries (which made them look older than they were). Such a shame with all the money they had they couldnt even dress to save their life.

July 2
21 today :) Went to dinner at Nikki Beach with the crew in a dress I made just for the occasion! Pamela made me text a boy I had a crush on...Ya that went real smooth. Then after dinner we went over to Griffin...Pamela got me a cake :) Then headed to my last stop Le Souk. Pretty fun night...Hello 21. 
July 2
Pamela made me a pair of my very own ruby red slippers (converse) I am in birthday present ever!

July 3
Spent the day at Long Beach...soaking up the sun...getting a tan.

July 4
Happy Birthday America I watched the fireworks down at Hudson River Park with Jim and his G/f...Today is also My 3 year anniversary with NYC. 3 years ago I was fresh from Minnesota coming to New York in search of a dream. Over the years I have made friends and lost them, fell in love with the city...and hate it. I have graduated college and jumped into the big thing called reality. I Overall I have found out who I am...and who I want to be on this crazy journey. I realized that one day I can make it...if I give it my all. Everything I want I can have as long as I follow my yellow brick road. 
July 18
Hey Hey Princess, 

When Cinderella has already lost her shoe and gone home to bed, I am just putting on my glass slippers and going out to dance. Whether it's a fairy tale ending or not is another story. I think I kiss more frogs than Prince Charming's. The funny thing is most of the boys seem to be Prince Charming in the beginning, and later prove to just be the frog that isn't ever going to change or evolve.

But forget about the Prince for a while. What's more important is the princesses you meet. These are the girls that are going to be there with you even after the frogs hop away. The princesses are the ones that remind you shoes will never leave you. The  princesses are the ones you laugh, cry, and dance with. 

So, tonight me and my princesses in crime will put on our fairy tale dresses and our glass slippers, jump in our pumpkin carriage, and never leave any shoe behind for any prince (I mean would you wanna just leave your $200 pair of shoes behind either?) We will dance the night away when the clock strikes 12.

The End,

Miss Gustto
(from Miss Gustto blog)
Pamela had a red carpet event at Le Souk. I wore my leggings again :) They looked super cool with the dress and shoes of Pamela's I had on. This event inspired the blog post above. Someone posted a link on my facebook wall today...I was on some video on embarrassing!

July 21
I just got home from a "fashion" event..and believe me Pamela's are the best. Nothing can beat hers. The designers for the event didnt even show up--super cheesy! If your going to throw an event and you have to call your friends to see if people are there before you show up something is a problem...Oh well we still got some cool pics! 

July 25
Summer is almost over-tear! I got a cool new nail polish today from Sephora "too good for him" Retail therapy makes me happy :)

July 29
Went to a cool event for Stylecaster (a blogging website) at Santos Party House. I met a girl at the beginning of the summer who interns for them. It was a pretty cool place...but you would think people who are blogging about fashion would show up a little more trendier and in fashion than in the latest Forever21 ad. Very disappointed in the amount of fashion...come on if your gunna talk about a gucci better own it. Everything in dressed2love is completely in my closet for real.
August 2
I voiced my opinion about my yearbook from back home and got everyone in the town all worked up..literally..people were deleting me on FB, people were adding me on FB, I was getting hate mail and you go girl mail...Basically I thought no one was reading my for 24 whole hours my blog was getting a lot of Minnesota hits over a silly little post...oooops :)
-Out of anyone to say anything about the post first it had to be S. I posted the blog about my yearbook and she freaked out. I really dont care shes one of the reasons for writing that post. For 18 years of my life those people bashed me and made my life heck...Maybe it did hurt some people...funny how she told me to get my facts straight...I dont know what kinda fairy tale she is living in.

August 3
I apologized to everyone about the blog post I wrote...most said I didn't owe anyone anything...but I was just trying to be the better person.
-I got to experience the full effect of being gossip girl for the day. It felt good to say what so many people wanted to say for so many years. Those people are just haters. You can dish it out but you cant take it. Awesome way to go back home in a the whole town mad at me.

August 5
I showed everyone on my blog there is an art to wearing your x-boyfriends clothes. Me and Pamela had a fun little photoshoot with some of our x's clothes that we have gathered over time. We were hoping none of them read the blog...after the previous blog about my high school I didnt need any more drama...but then again boys arent really into that kinda stuff like girls are.
Funny how when I was younger I obsessed over the Gossip Girl books. The books were my only outlet to NYC. It was shortly after reading the books that I decided I wanted to go to the big apple. I wanted that cool lifestyle . Now looking back at the books and the 3 years of living here...I have realized that I have found that crazy lifestyle almost on accident without even knowing it. My life is a book--minus the billionaire dad...and I'm the one writing it.

Hey Hey Friends,
I have this problem. Every other week my neighbor locks himself out of his apartment and calls me to save the day and let him in . Every time I just happen to be home-lucky for him. I let him into his apartment once and now its a weekly occurrence. He has a cute dog.I would love to abduct his dog one day and walk it around the city. Maybe I should forward him my resume and see what he has to say for himself.
Best wishes and kisses
Miss Gustto
August 11
Mom's bday today! She is 4? Tonight is the Miss Gustto beauty and the bags event at Lima's Taste! I am excited all of the girls are going to wear my leggings :) Who is Miss Gustto?
August 15
Last weekend in NYC for a while. I leave on Thursday to go home. It will be strange to sleep in my old room again...haven't done that in a few years. And to be living my old life again...ahhh...I havent been home in over a year and a half. Pamela may be having an even fashion week...ohhh to have an event fashion week would be a dream of mine! 

Mr. Perfect lives on the cover of magazines
You remind me of Peter Pan. Your not real...your just a figment of my imagination. You will have to try a lot harder to make a Wendy out of me. Your home is on the cover of fashion magazines. No matter how far apart we are in person, we will only be one magazine apart in time. I saw your face today while I was on 34th street on the cover of a magazine in some magazine stand. Thanks for reminding me your still here...

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