Sunday, December 26, 2010

I may not be a model...but Im pretty super PART III

 August 19
I traded my sky-high buildings for people-high corn. It's such a strange feeling to be home-soo much space. Toto...I have a feeling we're not in SoHo anymore. Driving home past farms and emptiness. Stopped in a bagel place that proved bagels really are better in NYC. Looking though my 17 magazine fashion feels sooo far away and out of reach...NYC do you really exist or are you some made up place I have been dreaming up in my head for 3 years?
 While I was home I had an amazing photoshoot with a girl from high school at the county fair...
August 22
It's officially me and fashion tied the knot...I am now married to fashion. Fashion will always love will never leave me.

Sept 4
Fashion show at Juliet during fashion week is official! Went shopping around the garment district for fabrics!! We have only two weeks to pull this off. "There's No Place Like...NYC" Wizard of Oz inspired fashion show.

Sept 6
Just got home from the Frying Pan. It was a super cool little bar out on a pier with a buncha boats tied around it. I fell in love with the atmosphere. After they told us the bar was closing we hear loud music coming from under one of the boats. Here they turn the holding into a club! Super no dress code. (the music kinda sucked though) Labor Day weekend..Officially summer is over...goodbye...see you in 2011.
Sept 10
Fashion night out..about to hit up all the cool festivities in Soho. Prime blogging time. Tons of celebs, tons of fashion, tons of cool things...tell you all the details later--Ended up getting tons of pics taken of my leggings and lots of compliments too! I cant wait until the Juliet fashion showcase all the cool things and hard work I have been up to. (wicked witch inspired leggings)
Sept 13
Best fashion week ever! I have had an amazing weekend! I feel like things are seriously going to start going somewhere. Saturday I went to a fashion show at the Plaza Hotel...the show itself sucked...but Pamela's shoes were amazing! I got declined as a model...because I couldnt walk down stairs...haha clumsy me...oh and I wasnt tall enough...But its ok...because I am a designer! I ended up wearing Pamela's dress :) Mr. Big was there from Sex and the City to make Pamela's day. After the show I had to head to the Meatpacking for a Miss Gustto event...It was cool to see all the girl's reactions to my blog. I had a moment of feeling like a role model for the younger girls.

If the shoe fits...find the other one and wear it.

Sept 17
Our fashion show is officially tonight at Juliet. I am beyond excited to see how everything goes. I hope my leggings look good! This week has felt like the best week of my life so far. I finally feel like I can call myself a REAL designer!! I really appreciate and love having Pamela as a friend! She is an amazing person and I couldnt do any of this without her. Shes truely a best friend and an amazing person and inspiration. 
-The show of course went amazing!!

Sept 22
Last night I saw Avril Lavigne at Abe and Arthurs! Brought me back to Sk8er Boi days...She was always an inspiration to my style back in high matter how many people called her a poser-i love her

Sept 28
Went to Le Souk tonight...Mr. Belguim was there...With his new girl of choice...Pretended not to know me at first...I wouldn't recommend forgetting me ;) So instead I started talking to a guy named T. We started chatting and got on the subject of my leggings. He said he noticed them from afar when I walked up...funny I thought cute model boys like him didnt look at crazy dressed girls like me! Talking to him was a nice change from the usual guys you meet in the city. He even sparked a bit of inspiration writing wise that he doesnt know about due to the fact we arent friends on FB. I gave him my number so we will see if he calls or not. Most likely no..but it was a try.
Hey Hey Boys,

If you inspire me, then I guess that makes you just as cool as me, right?

I think I may have met Mr. Perfect last night (haha ya right but good try!). He was a cute, nice boy though from my neck of the woods--Ohio. Only problem is his resume says he's a model...that means his house is all over the world. 

Mr. Ohio smelled like blueberry gum and he was gentleman enough to walk me home in the rain. Mr. Ohio, you are such a movie, you can't go around kissing girls in the rain if you intend on breaking their hearts. Mr. Ohio are you even real? I mean after all maybe it wasn't even your good looks and amazing personality that inspired me, maybe it was just the really good love story I have been reading...

I guess the only way to tell is if he actually calls me...

All is fair in love and war
Miss Gustto
Oct 6
OMG. Mr. Ohio (from the blog post with blueberry gum) and I hung out a few times. He is different than I thought. He isnt just a good looking guy he is actually really smart and fun to chat with. He is really a rare personality type. Sad...he leaves to go back home tomorrow...story of my life. The good ones always get away. 
Oct 25
I met with the agency on Friday and they loved my leggings! they are most likely going to use 2 pairs and a dress for the shooting...very cool! Good night Manhattan
Oct 26
Someone I met through my roommate messaged me today on FB and asked me to make a halloween costume for someone at People's Revolution! No way...sooo cool! She wants the striper dress from pretty woman...I suppose there isnt much to the dress to make. Crazy...I have to go and source the fabrics tomorrow :)
Oct 31
Halloween. Pamela's haunted fashion show... I had crazy costume makeup on...Staged to look like I had a bad romance..Had a crazy halloween weekend. I made my own costume-Cupid (but I only shoot ford models). Spent Saturday night at Greenhouse.
Nov 10
Went to watch the photoshoot with my dress. The photographer shot tethered..sooo cool something I had never seen before! The dress was amazing...
You can either watch the tv show-or live it
A stylist taught you how to dress
Your so funky I dont know where to look
If your not a model you have to pretend you are...saying you were born and raised in NYC and you have a right to the city wont work
How does one compete with a blonde?
Hello Miss Chanel bootleg, even in the dark club I can tell that's a fake

Nov 18
today was possibly the happiest early morning I have ever had! I woke up to an email with a transaction for a pair of my leggings!! Someone from texas-that I dont even know! Funny how she ordered the first pair I ever first pair to my first REAL customer!!

Dec 1
Sure I'll shoot with you...whats your budget...Budget? Whats that word

Dec 6
I need to get labels and come up with a logo and an actual name for my brand...Sooo much to do! I cant be sending leggings out there with no tags in them!! Christmas is just around the corner...where has time gone?

Dec 7
Walked up 5th ave to check out the Christmas decorations for the holidays...froze a little bit but it was still pretty darn fun!
Dec 17 
Went iceskating at Bryant Park...Blast and a half...never seen sooo many people fall on iceskates in my life!! Best holiday adventure so far :)
Dec 18
I attempted to make holiday cupcakes and failed miserably...Don't even least they looked pretty
Dec 19
Went over to Williamsburg and found some pretty cool stuff...including a fur coat!! :) Now thanks to my big spending weekend my bank account is empty and I still havent got any christmas presents for anyone but myself...
Dec 24/25
Had a good christmas..skyped with the fam xmas eve and opened my presents. Got a cool Pandigital book reader! Now I can blog anywhere :) Spent xmas day at some guy friends house. A house of too many guys thats for sure. We had a good time watching A Christmas Story, Kung-fu Panda...and eating tooo much candy...

Dec 26
New York City finally gets its first official snowfall...of over 10 inches and still cant wait to wake up tomorrow to that mess..anyone up for a snowman?? New Years eve is around the corner...almost 2011...Come countdown with me :)

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