Friday, December 17, 2010

Ice Skating

I went skating at bryant park now my rollerblades are retired...and it's ice skating time! I had a fun time watching all the people fall...tourists are terrible skaters and some biffed it pretty hard! If a person isnt careful they will take you to the ice with them!! One guy even tried his skills by pretending to fall several times throughout the day...and grab my butt on the way down...HAHA sorry I actually know how to skate...and pretending to fall on me just annoys the heck outa me! I was even a rebel and got in trouble for bringing my miss gustto bag out on the ice...its a hazard ya know someone could fall and seriously injure themselves or ruler of the ice I AM A HANDBAG BLOGGER-the bag stays! Then he tells I had to put away my camera...and he was hardcore watching to make sure I didnt pull it back out. Then they tried to get me on the way out to buy a 5x7 printed out picture of me the photographer took for $15-no wonder they outlaw electronics they wanna get money out of ya somehow.
Even after all the craziness I still had an amazing snow day of winter I have had in a long time!

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