Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Dressed2love!

March 31 marks my 1 year of blogging! Seriously...from here on out I will consider March 31st my 2nd birthday. It was the day my blog, my leggings, and my dreams of becoming a designer started to become reality. For all of you who just started following check back at some of my very first and favorite blog posts!

In the past year I have been called a super hero, stopped in the street on a daily basis, spent my whole day picking out fabric and my whole night sewing it, have been called the legging girl instead of my name in several convos, sewed my finger (thank god only once), and even been laughed at by NYC tourists...Silly tourists--these leggings are for fashionistas only!!
I had quite the journey. I even ended up taking on another blog ( Balancing 2 blogs, a full-time job, and sewing leggings, AND a social life is not an easy thing...Thank you starbucks, Thank you all of my followers...and Thank you have been here with me through the good times and the hard times...It sure has been one heck of a year! I can only imagine what's more to come... :)

Tomorrow I might have to stop by Magnolias Bakery on my way home and get a cupcake to celebrate:)

Much love while being dressed2love,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh the crazy adventures.

I had quite the fun week...which is why I haven't had much time to update my blog. I was running around NYC.

This week some friends of Pamela's were in town shooting two music videos for two winners from the Italian version of "American Idol". I had a lot of fun tagging around on set of both music videos. It was a new and cool industry that I have never got to see! I must say...I really have a more deeper appreciation now for video production. One can get quite the workout running around trying to not get in the frame. They worked all day from 9am to 2am!! Next time you sit at your 9-5 job...think about if you had to stay until 2am!! I really can't complain because I did more sitting around than anything...but hey! sitting around all that time can be pretty tiring too :) I met some really awesome and talented people from both NYC and Italy that I hope to stay in touch with!! Just watching the singer Emma and everyone else around her...working make her dreams and their own come true...made me wanna try that much harder to accomplish mine.

Oh the things I randomly get involved in...I even got a few small parts in the part I about froze to death standing on an above ground train station...but it was still kinda fun...and I can't wait to see the video :)

 filiming in the east village
 what a nice day!
filming by the park

The weekend was sooo much fun...then came Monday...and someone made the comment to me that I should re-evaluate my lifestyle...HA. Is that some kind of joke? Maybe some people need to practice what they preach.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bangles and Chains

I found my leggings on yet another blog! Cool!! They are really starting to pop up on blogs I have never even heard of! Glad that people are finally starting to react to them in the blogging world :) I even got a cool new nickname "The Legging Lover" :) That I totally am!! Check out the full article here:

Thanks everyone once again for your love and support! I wouldn't be able to do it without you :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meant to be.

I found this really awesome jacket at a vintage store and couldn't go home without it. The second I put it on and felt it's amazingness and saw how well it fit I was convinced. All day people were passing me on the streets telling me they liked the jacket... It was after I got home and was wearing the jacket that I realized there was some kinda paper in the pocket. I pulled it out and it was a recipt and a tag. The tag was the original price tag from Saks 5th Avenue with a price of $850 dollars! Wow crazy expensive...Then the other I saw was a recipt from a second hand shop in St. Paul where the person who owned it before me actually purchased it. Crazy...the jacket traveled all the way from New York to Minnesota back to New York to be reunited with me :) What are the chances! I guess it was meant to be...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Raise your Glass :)

So another pair of leggings are about to be shipped off tomorrow morning to my 4th official customer :) This time they aren't going too far...they are actually not even leaving the city..Kinda scary...another person in this city running around wearing my crazy leggings..I wonder if I will ever run into them on accident. I will most def be able to spot the American Flag a mile away.

But anywho...I feel soo lucky to be having such support and positive feedback and also a few sales of my leggings! Really my dream is starting to come true!! Every pair of leggings I have made with love...So I hope you can all enjoy them as much as I do :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Secrets, Secrets, are no fun!

I know secrets are no fun...but some are just better kept!

Here is some inside behind the "sewing" scenes of my leggings! I wish I could say I have a huge design studio in "Soho" with a beautiful view of the city and an expresso maker. Really I have a studio...with about 4 feet of space to make patterns...and I use my little tiny kitchen table (which by the way is really a patio table) for sewing. It is located in Soho and I do have a pretty decent coffee maker... Not much space to work with...but it doesn't matter...all that matters is the final product :)
My latest creation for a friend of mine...St. Patty's day glitter leggings. :)

Hey Hey Everyone! I'm kinda bored of being the only one dressed2love. I don't really wanna keep hogging my leggings to myself...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Birthday

So my blog's birthday comes up the end of March...March 31st to be exact. I need to plan something cool...maybe a birthday party at one of the cool venues I go to? Hmm...I will have to do some thinking. Really over the past year my blog has become an important part of my life. Back when Pamela was telling me to start one I was laughing...I can't do something like that...put my whole life out there on the internet for others to read. Then the birth of my leggings and the fashion show came...and I decided I had to give in to the blogging world. For real...I have seen myself evolve soooo much over the past year and I am sure all my followers who were reading from day 1 have seen it too! That can only mean that there is much much more to come!! Over the past year I have covered everything from personal fashion events, my own designs, my friend pamela's designs, and my own personal journey in NYC. My blog is 100% my life and my inspirations... I know I maybe wouldn't be half of these places without my friend thank you!! You really truely are an amazing have no idea how much all the young girls really do look up to you!!! Thank you everyone else for putting up with my crazy blog adventures and mass posting on FB to try and get more let's plan a cool birthday party for my's like my second birthday if that even exists... Love you all!


Barbie Would Go Vamp...and Do it Better

Check out what I found on another blog! I have never heard of the blog it just popped up in google under my name. They wrote (well actually they didn't write much) about two of my leggings. Super cool... The word is finally spreading with my leggings! And thanks again Jenna for your photography on the pink leggings :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elle Japan

Pamela Qunizi "American Dream" Fashion show was featured in Elle Japan!! How cool...Finally some cool press...My dress and leggings kinda made the cut on accident...but still pretty cool! Even though I didn't get recognized as a designer it's still pretty sweet to have a few things with amazing photos representing some of my crazy hardwork and designs!! Check out the full article here:

One Man's Junk, Is Another's Treasure

I had a pretty fun chill weekend. No craziness. Friday started off another order for a pair of leggings a dress :) this time my creations are off to Michigan!! Texas, Virginia Beach, Michigan, NYC...all of these places are dressed2love. When will Minnesota want to be??

Saturday I had off finally a day. The weather was decent and fairly warm in the city to wander. I found a cool little flea market and spent most of the day looking at people's old treasures. One man's junk is another's treasure. At the flea market which I managed to not buy one thing...I guess there was just soo much stuff there that I did want I couldn't settle on buying one thing so I just didnt get anything...I fell in love with all kinds of vintage jewels...and some stuff that wasnt jewels.

my outfit :)
ruby red slippers :)
fridge letter magnets anyone?

I decided I needed a bit of a change in my look. So I went to good old CVS and bought some hair color. Time for a fresh dye job! Good bye red with blonde highlights...hello Burgundy. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Look At My Style

The other day someone contacted me through my StyleCaster page to see if I wanted to do an interview. I said sure...what's the worst that could happen? Here is the finished!! I finally got to voice my opinion a little bit about the blogging community :) I highlighted the parts down below that have to do with my section of the interview.

Look at My Style

Ari Goldberg, the founder and CEO of StyleCaster, told Fast Company in 2010 that before the release of his style platform, ”the fashion industry was a space completely void of technology” (Fast Company). He’s got a point. In the eyes of most consumers, fashion has always been an extremely physical industry. Trend-watchers looked to publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and a shoppers’ picking and choosing was centralized in the fitting room. In recent years, however, the fashion industry has seen a significant shift from the physical to the virtual. Not only are most of the top fashion publications launching online versions of their magazines, but smaller niche magazines are popping up daily with content available exclusively on the web. WWD quotes Sea of Shoes Blogger Jane Aldridge, “I think the media industry is changing and bloggers are leading the change…The term ‘blogger’ doesn’t do it justice — so many of the top bloggers are trusted experts that have developed loyal fan followings.” There has also been a marked decentralization in the sale of designer clothing and accessories with online stores like and, and bloggers and journalists alike are buzzing about H&M and Zara’s plans to launch online stores. The dissemination of style is only now starting to catch up with the undeniably fast-paced world of fashion.
Despite this shift online, blogging, e-commerce, and social media had never seen a successful marriage. However, in February of 2009, an interactive fashion community called StyleCaster was launched. It features an entirely new approach to style discovery by combining premium content, discussion through an engaged community and the seamless ability to purchase through e-commerce into one exciting platform. Not only is the site profitable, it “sees 83,000 unique visitors monthly in the US, according to Comscore” and “has ad campaigns with over 30 major advertisers, including DietCoke” (Business Insider), but it also has created a unique community of people trying to discover their personal style and get feedback on their daily choices. Not only can users upload photos of their daily look in a section called “Daily Mirrors” but they can compose a sort of style collage made up of items of clothing, accessories and beauty products. Users can browse other users’ profiles to rate their daily look, get inspiration, and make comments as they go.
“Goldberg proposed a business model where ‘Condé Nast meets Demand Media’” (MediaBistro). The hope was to launch something that was profitable, and yet refused to compromise in terms of quality of content. Users seem in support; member Allison Giardina told me, “What drew me to StyleCaster is the content the site provides. It has a very fresh and unique vibe to it. It offers many different outlets to get information and inspiration from, whether it’s from the lifestyle section or daily uploads.” Maria Papathanasiou agrees that “StyleCaster doesn’t just focus on fashion but also highlights beauty essentials and lifestyle topics.” It is undeniable that StyleCaster publishes content that is enticing and well-organized, so it is not surprising that users like Allison and Maria have found a one-stop fashion directory in StyleCaster. And so the questions arise: How are people using StyleCaster, and what effect is this having on the notion of a unique personal style?
Users seem to split into two distinct groups. The first is characterized by high popularity and high feedback. She is on the site constantly and is extremely influenced by the content. On the other hand, the second type (which I will call low-volume users) had medium to low popularity on the site and had a more alternative style. In comparison to the high-volume users, these girls uploaded fewer photos and seemed less interested in following the content that StyleCaster publishes. Generally, the high-volume users seem to use StyleCaster as a means for self promotion. For these girls, the site acts as a way to redirect traffic to their personal websites or twitter accounts, to gain attention as bloggers, or to gain attention as stylists/designers.
For example, Allison is a member from New York who has been uploading since 2009. She uploads photos of herself daily (if possible) and sometimes she uploads multiple times a day. Allison keeps a close watch on her followers and attempts to respond to most of the comments she receives, “both positive and negative”. Her personal blog deviates from the sorts of blogs her fellow high volume users curate. Fusing New York City style and food, her posts are charming and down to earth. Like the other girls, however, Allison has a growing obsession with StyleCaster, mentioning that only recently has she begun uploading photos almost every day. Whether or not she uploads a Daily Mirror every day, she still goes on the site to get “fresh ideas for [her] daily style…and find out the latest trends and news in the fashion world.”  The amount of influence that StyleCaster users and content have over these girls was surprising. When I asked Allison if she considered StyleCaster to be inspirational to her daily style choices, she responded:
“100%. There are so many different outlets on the site; users, articles, individual blogs, that are VERY inspirational. I can use the content for my own style as well as use it to inspire me for my blog.”
Using StyleCaster is less of a social experience for Allison. She admits that although she is interested in making connections through StyleCaster, she has not yet done so. I asked Allison whether or not she regularly checks other style blogs to get inspiration. Although she did not reveal which other blogs she frequents, she mentioned that she much prefers the content on StyleCaster.
Low-volume StyleCaster users, on the other hand, interact with the site on a very different level. In my research I stumbled upon a number of low-volume users who link to personal websites. After I clicked through and browsed their content, I noticed that they were fundamentally different from those personal sites of the high-volume users. Low volume users upload more personal content: things they find funny or things they find inspirational. On the other hand, high volume users use their sites for business. They use their sites to promote themselves or products they may be selling. They also seem to welcome PR and are happy to do reviews or giveaways.
Member Devyn Shaughnessy is perfectly representative of low-volume users. Although she frequently uploads photos, she is less concerned with user comments and less influenced by StyleCaster content. She explained, “I am more of a person who does what I want in terms of fashion. Sure I keep up to date on what’s trendy…but I don’t really follow the trends. StyleCaster is a good researching website for me to see what other people are wearing and interested in wearing.” Users like Devyn have a more well-rounded relationship with the platform. Rather than consulting StyleCaster for most (if not all) her inspiration, Devyn chooses instead to reach out and browse other blogs.
In the end, it is clear that a site like StyleCaster can never truly breed creativity unless the user has a more detached relationship with it. The content that the site publishes, combined with its seamless link to ecommerce, is making a sense of style easily attainable. A user can browse through a latest trend or even a complete outfit, and then immediately click through to purchase the products used to create the look. StyleCaster’s effect on its users is, then, mixed. Those high-volume members aren’t being helped or inspired to develop a unique, personal style. It is the low-volume users who have the most potential for creativity, as they expose themselves to not only StyleCaster’s well put together content, but they extend further to find inspiration elsewhere.


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