Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Man's Junk, Is Another's Treasure

I had a pretty fun chill weekend. No craziness. Friday started off another order for a pair of leggings a dress :) this time my creations are off to Michigan!! Texas, Virginia Beach, Michigan, NYC...all of these places are dressed2love. When will Minnesota want to be??

Saturday I had off finally a day. The weather was decent and fairly warm in the city to wander. I found a cool little flea market and spent most of the day looking at people's old treasures. One man's junk is another's treasure. At the flea market which I managed to not buy one thing...I guess there was just soo much stuff there that I did want I couldn't settle on buying one thing so I just didnt get anything...I fell in love with all kinds of vintage jewels...and some stuff that wasnt jewels.

my outfit :)
ruby red slippers :)
fridge letter magnets anyone?

I decided I needed a bit of a change in my look. So I went to good old CVS and bought some hair color. Time for a fresh dye job! Good bye red with blonde highlights...hello Burgundy. :)

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