Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Birthday

So my blog's birthday comes up the end of March...March 31st to be exact. I need to plan something cool...maybe a birthday party at one of the cool venues I go to? Hmm...I will have to do some thinking. Really over the past year my blog has become an important part of my life. Back when Pamela was telling me to start one I was laughing...I can't do something like that...put my whole life out there on the internet for others to read. Then the birth of my leggings and the fashion show came...and I decided I had to give in to the blogging world. For real...I have seen myself evolve soooo much over the past year and I am sure all my followers who were reading from day 1 have seen it too! That can only mean that there is much much more to come!! Over the past year I have covered everything from personal fashion events, my own designs, my friend pamela's designs, and my own personal journey in NYC. My blog is 100% my life and my inspirations... I know I maybe wouldn't be half of these places without my friend thank you!! You really truely are an amazing have no idea how much all the young girls really do look up to you!!! Thank you everyone else for putting up with my crazy blog adventures and mass posting on FB to try and get more let's plan a cool birthday party for my's like my second birthday if that even exists... Love you all!


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