Thursday, April 28, 2011

No, My House Didn't Land On A Witch.

Soo...the past few days I have been kinda in a sad mood...Don't really know why I guess just a lot of personal stupid emotional stuff. On the bright side two orders this week! :) Both orders were my super cute gold disco pair off to Mississippi and the other off to Ohio...Yay! Go more Midwest orders. Crazy thing: You all know my obsession with the Wizard of Oz. Well lately I downloaded the series which is really 15 books and have been reading it on my book reader. In the real story Dorothy's ruby red slippers aren't really red...they are silver. They used red for the movie because they figured it would look better on technicolor. Anywho...Shortly after recieving my Mississippi order and having such crazy luck with trying to ship it...I find out a whole bunch of tornadoes went through the south. That day at Buffalo Exchange came in my very own "Modern Dorothy Slippers" as I will call them. Mui Mui glitter flats. AMAZING. I had to have. I mean it's not every day a pair of glitter slippers come flying into the store as if a tornado dropped them off from some far away land. So I decided once again to sell some old stuff...and get these amazing new glitter shoes. I really needed them in my life. I mean would you have let them go? I don't know if I can even wear these things down the streets of New York, but that never stopped me when I was 5! A part of me really wishes they were red...But no matter what color they are...they are glitter! :) This is my first pair of high end designer shoes...hmm...this could be a problem.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Pair.

Tonight I felt in the sewing mood...sometimes I just gotta sew.
cuz I gotta feeling...

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Dark Side

Friday, a friend of mine invited me to an event with Nars makeup. I can't really say too much about it, and I couldn't even take pics because it is a new project they are working on. On the bright side...I did get to take home some cool Nars products. I have never really bought Nars before just because at Sephora I can find soo many other cool things for just a little cheaper. However, I think I might have just crossed over to the darkside :)

I got this amazing dark lipstick. I know it's vampire-ish but ever since the "I would go Vamp" photoshoot where I put black eye liner on my lips I have been obsessed. Since I could walk away with any Nars product I desired I took the opportunity to get the lipstick I have been lusting over. I have even been playing around with it and painting only my top lip...I guess I just can't commit to the whole entire dark lip look.

My first day testing it out around the city people literally asked me if I was in a band or a rockstar...I just let them think what they want to think...secretly I was just falling more and more in love with my dark lipstick...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinosaurs aren't extinct

You all are most likely going to hate me after this post...jk. What I am about to show you is amazing in sooo many ways...

Walt Disney celebrated "Fantasia's" 50 year anniversary with a cool T-Rex ring by Noir. The ring retailed for about $198! At first glance you would most likely impulsivly buy this ring without even thinking twice about the price...I mean I think I even might have. Lucky for me I got my first glance of it at Buffalo Exchange. There the price was only $40...and I knew I wasn't leaving that store without it. This ring is really an amazing piece to own..My first five minutes of me wearing it walking down the street the dinosaur already grabbed someone's shirt on accident...oops...maybe it's a bit too much...but I don't even care!

Just goes to prove your never too old to play with dinosaurs...and they def are not extinct in the world of fashion :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last Thursday Pamela had her 1 year anniversary with fashion at Skyroom. Ya I know I am not getting the photos up until now but 1. I was extremely busy 2. it sometimes takes photographers forever!

She had a small little fashion show...which of course I got dragged into walking :) I had a lot of fun though. It was a different kind of fashion show than usual.

The venue was beautiful. 30 some floors up in the sky with views of Manhattan's midtown. I got to rock the red, white, and blue tutu this time :) I am not going to lie I wish I could wear a tutu everyday after that night! I was suprised to see some friends there that I didn't know were coming.

After the show we had a cake...correction, we had FUN with a cake :) and did a little dancing in celebration of 1 year of crazy fashion!! Congrats and happy 1 year! I'm glad that 1 year later I am still here dancing to the black eyed peas with ya...and being a rebel if ya know what I mean ;) We are who we are.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hey! Check out the cool new dress I made this weekend :) I took the pattern from my birthday dress and made it in a different fabric. I really cant decide now which one I like better...this is like the cool rocker version of the other one.


I got a legging order from a friend Jen...some of my leggings will now be off to LA...Thanks Jen!! Rock them please! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fabric Heaven

Ever wonder where the heck I find these crazy fabrics? Well my fav fabric store is Spandex House on 38th between 7 & 8th. All of 38th street is spandex stores...don't ask me why I love this one soo much more than all of the others...but I do. :) Since I had the last legging order for someone in Illinois exactly on my 1 year anniversary of starting this blog...I decided to document a little bit about the fabric store since I am always talking about the final product: the leggings. Thank you Spandex are and forever will be my first love fabric store :)

How to be a ROCKSTAR

How to be a Rockstar. Don't know how to sing? Either do I..but that doesn't mean you can't still rock!

1. Invest in a vest. Whether it's got cut off sleeves, is studded out, or is made of glitter layering a vest over a plain T is the perfect and effortless rocker vibe. Here I am wearing a Levi's vest with metal gromets a remake from a vintage store layered over the top of an old navy tank.

2. Gem out. Cover your wrists in gems. Leather cuffs, unique watches...etc. Here I am wearing my fav leather cuff from QVC (thanks mom) with a few bracelets from tibetan jewelry stores and watch second hand from Buffalo Exchange.

3. Sleep in Glitter. Glitter will be your new best friend. But make sure it's not the cheesey super flash kind. Look at vintage shops for older glitter tops...or rock my glitter leggings :) Glitter in small amounts is ok! Here I am rocking my glitter leggings with a Miss Gustto bag.

4. Ring thing. Wear tons of crazy rings. It doesn't matter if they don't really match...layer a few smaller ones together...make it look like you could pick a tough fight. My claw ring below is possibly one of the coolest rings I have owned!! (Estelle + Rachel Roy $40 online). My studded cross double finger ring is also another fav :)

The most imporant part to pulling off the rocker look is you just gotta roll outa bed and put the first outfit you find on...don't think too hard and remember, if it looks too obvious the whole "I don't really care, I'm a rockstar" thing won't work.

You don't gotta know how to sing to know how to rock!



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