Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinosaurs aren't extinct

You all are most likely going to hate me after this post...jk. What I am about to show you is amazing in sooo many ways...

Walt Disney celebrated "Fantasia's" 50 year anniversary with a cool T-Rex ring by Noir. The ring retailed for about $198! At first glance you would most likely impulsivly buy this ring without even thinking twice about the price...I mean I think I even might have. Lucky for me I got my first glance of it at Buffalo Exchange. There the price was only $40...and I knew I wasn't leaving that store without it. This ring is really an amazing piece to own..My first five minutes of me wearing it walking down the street the dinosaur already grabbed someone's shirt on accident...oops...maybe it's a bit too much...but I don't even care!

Just goes to prove your never too old to play with dinosaurs...and they def are not extinct in the world of fashion :)

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