Monday, April 18, 2011

The Dark Side

Friday, a friend of mine invited me to an event with Nars makeup. I can't really say too much about it, and I couldn't even take pics because it is a new project they are working on. On the bright side...I did get to take home some cool Nars products. I have never really bought Nars before just because at Sephora I can find soo many other cool things for just a little cheaper. However, I think I might have just crossed over to the darkside :)

I got this amazing dark lipstick. I know it's vampire-ish but ever since the "I would go Vamp" photoshoot where I put black eye liner on my lips I have been obsessed. Since I could walk away with any Nars product I desired I took the opportunity to get the lipstick I have been lusting over. I have even been playing around with it and painting only my top lip...I guess I just can't commit to the whole entire dark lip look.

My first day testing it out around the city people literally asked me if I was in a band or a rockstar...I just let them think what they want to think...secretly I was just falling more and more in love with my dark lipstick...

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