Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last Thursday Pamela had her 1 year anniversary with fashion at Skyroom. Ya I know I am not getting the photos up until now but 1. I was extremely busy 2. it sometimes takes photographers forever!

She had a small little fashion show...which of course I got dragged into walking :) I had a lot of fun though. It was a different kind of fashion show than usual.

The venue was beautiful. 30 some floors up in the sky with views of Manhattan's midtown. I got to rock the red, white, and blue tutu this time :) I am not going to lie I wish I could wear a tutu everyday after that night! I was suprised to see some friends there that I didn't know were coming.

After the show we had a cake...correction, we had FUN with a cake :) and did a little dancing in celebration of 1 year of crazy fashion!! Congrats and happy 1 year! I'm glad that 1 year later I am still here dancing to the black eyed peas with ya...and being a rebel if ya know what I mean ;) We are who we are.

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