Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a day for a daydream...

So, today is a beautiful day in the city that never sleeps-thank god I finally did get some sleep!

Picked up my sister at the airport! Was sooo excited because I haven't seen her since last June!! Since I am on the topic of sisters, I thought I would share this amazing paper that my sister wrote for one of her college english classes. For those who don't know the history of me and my sister when I lived at home we never got along. Complete opposite as opposite can be. 

After reading her "paper" I had a new outlook on myself. I didn't know I was such a role model for the kids I knew from back home. It made me realize you don't have to be someone famous to make an impact in people 's lives, you just have to be yourself. Not caring what others think about you makes others love and appreciate you more. I wanna inspire people to do what they believe in, and follow their dreams no matter how crazy or stupid it may seem to other people. They are just secretly jealous they didn't dream :P 

Here is what my sister wrote:

You ask who is a person who has had a major impact on my life today. Many people have come into and out of my life throughout the years but the one person who I hope never leaves me and has made me grow into the person I am today is my sister, Devyn. Through the years my sister and I never got along very well, but as we grew older we became closer. As I could see my sister go through school with no friends and very little self confidence, I never had realized how great of a person she would be. Everyone is supposed to love their siblings because that is just an unwritten rule in the family handbook, but I hadn’t loved my sister the way I should have. She has been through a lot in life. Ever since she was young she wanted to be a fashion designer, making up ideas for a clothing store with my uncle and they were determined even in her adolescence that one day they would go into business together. My uncle then was killed in a car accident and my sister’s world was ripped apart, making what she wanted so much more worth it in her eyes.
Devyn grew up to be confident and stopped caring what people thought about her. She just wanted to be herself, not what everyone else thought she should be. She dressed how she wanted to dress, no matter what comments she got from the people around her. I then started to look up to her, she was my sister and if no one else was going to stand by her I would. Our relationship got closer and then came college. Most kids that live in small towns go to colleges near home, not being able to break free from what they have known their whole life, but not my sister, her destination was New York. The day I never thought was going to come was when I had to tell my sister, the one I had grown to love and bond with, good bye. As I stood crying, I told her that I would see her at Christmas, which was months away. Then she drove away from our driveway in our red Jeep, going to where she wanted to be, where she truly belonged.
As time went by my sister and I would talk occasionally, our lives not yet adjusted to reality. She was in the giant city of New York and I was still here in the small city with the population of a little over 2,500 people. I was here, with people I know and love, and she was in a big city, like a fish in the ocean, not knowing who anyone was, where to go, and living by herself. She made friends, people that accepted her for her, not for what she wore or if she was pretty. The years seemingly flew by as I had gone through my freshman and sophomore years and she was graduating from the Art Institute of New York getting a degree in Fashion Design.
Devyn took a giant leap into the world to do what she wanted to do, not letting anything stop her. I know that I now will be able to do anything that I put my mind to because I have had a great example of someone who believes in what she wants and goes for it, I feel that by her model I am going to go far in life. Whether it is in sports, school, or just growing old I won’t be put down by the fear of what people think, one day I will be great and the people that had put me down in the process will realize that making people feel bad about themselves, will not make their life any greater.
I am proud to have a sister that I can look up to and see in her the way anything is possible. Most people look up to notable people, but what does it take to be notable? Do you have to be famous, do whatever you can to become popular and loved? I feel that those people were once like you and I, but what made them so much greater. In my eyes my sister is a very memorable person, although many people will possibly never know who she is or want to know, I know who she is and she is just as good as anyone else in this world. I want to have the qualities she has, but I won’t because I want to be me. She has helped me become me and accept me for who I am. Who am I? I am not perfect. I am me, and I will always be me. I work hard, am trustworthy, and I would one day like to become someone who others will look up to. Even if its just one person. I would like to change someone’s life like my sister changed mine.

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