Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Less is MORE, but MORE is fun

Layered bracelets are the hardest trend to ignore...it just looks sooo darn cool
but how to do it so it doesnt look like your just wearing one of those already made packs from H&M or Forever 21 (chinsy, cheap, and BORING not to mention everyone else is already wearing it).

My best advice is to avoid matching at all costs for a more fun and different look...
-Mix different textures (string, chain, beads, studs, etc. whatever your preference)
-Mix colors that dont match (try complimentary colors for a fun pop of color or play with the color wheel...its my best friend)
-Put on as many as you can (the more the merry)
-Don't buy all of the jewelry at the same store (try mixing lucky brand with forever21 and handmade pieces)

Here is some of my versions:

Pink studded bracelet from Forever21, silver bracelet from St. Croix, other 3 from union square artist

you can evern try the trend on your ankles -anklets made by me :)

red bracelet and blue beaded bracelet from tibetan jewelry store, hockey skate lace made by my sister :) , blue studded bracelet from forever21, and silver chain bracelet by Lia Sophia

you can even throw in a watch so your never late :)
swatch watch, braided tape measure bracelet made by me, green toothbrush bracelet made by me 

pink toothbrush bracelet made by me, leather and crystals cuff by QVC

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