Saturday, April 3, 2010

a little somethin, somethin :)

The aftermath of a hair that I had left over from the fashion show...we were messing around at work...and threw in a watch for the heck of it...

Also today I was out and about in the nice nyc weather and wandered over to St. Marks. I found a cool two finger ring at a crazy jewelry store Hottie (kinda cheesey but totally the whole east side vibe). But I have been looking all over for a two finger ring and haven't been able to successfully find one that fits my craziness...until I came across this...totally made my day :)

So in conclusion, this is my stare worthy outfit of the day (two color legged tights, purple converse, shorts, v-neck T, and blazer) know you have a crazy sense of style when you walk into the Starbucks that you go to everyday looking like this and the girl taking your order tells you that she loves your hair not noticing that sure you dress a little crazy but totally would never in your right mind do your own hair voluntarily like this...complimenting you that your always trying something different...haha...oh for the love of new york

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