Thursday, April 29, 2010

To be or not to be...

To be a fashion icon is a dream of mine. To have what it takes to stand out from everyone else and influence others to do the same is an amazing thing. My fashion is heavily influenced by some fashion icons that are clearly fashion icons and others that haven't made the name but to me are equally as important. I take a little bit from each. To stand out or be a fashion icon I dont believe you have to dress all crazy like lady gaga, you just have to be able to change the way people think and do things, even if it is a small percentage of people.

Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is a walking piece of art. She goes where not many people are willing to go with fashion. The best part is, being best dressed or worst dressed she doesn't seem to care, she just keeps on doing her thing. Lady Gaga makes people think. Her clothes are soo crazy and not a whole lot of people actually like her style but she gets people talking.

Dorothy Gale:

She taught me that no matter what to follow your yellow brick road with your ruby red slippers.
When I was younger I was totally obsessed with the Wizard of Oz mainly because as a 3 year old I couldn't keep my eyes off of Dorothy's sparkling ruby red slippers. To this day I cant walk into a store and turn down anything that sparkles. I believe its ok to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe everyday (def in small measures). Your never too old for those ruby red slippers.


Barbie taught me at a very young age how to mix and match, put this shoe with that shirt and throw in this purse.She always had the best outfits and the funny thing is I would never keep the outfit on that she came with. I always had to change it. Barbie is also one of those icons that comes with a dream attatched . She is the american dream. As a young girl you think well if she can be whatever she wants then so can I, and she will never tell you you won't ever be what you want.

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