Monday, August 2, 2010

You can find me

If you look in a Le Center High School yearbook graduating class of 2007, you can find my picture in senior choice awards voted as Fashion Guru (best dressed). I know so cliche for me to win that one. Funny thing is that year I was the editor for the yearbook and remember trying to find catchier names for the awards. I even came up with the idea for the cover :P

Cutest couple is no longer together, Hollywood's next A listers haven't left the 50 mile radius, and even the next Nobel Peace Prize winners (smartest) are the biggest partiers in college, two peas in a pod (best friends) are unfortunately still best friends and still haven't left high school gossip mode. Seems like the opposite of what we all thought the day of graduation.

Lucky for me, I haven't gone out of fashion like everyone else from my yearbook.  

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