Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nothing's Better Than Fair Food

This weekend I went to the Owatana fair. It was fun to run around a county fair...I used to do it every year when I was brought back good memories. I got to eat some good food, drink some rootbeer, go on some rides, and I even bought a little souvenir: a hand carved ring made specially for me...that says fashion!

The food at these county fairs is unbelieveable...if you can dream it you can make it...

The second best part about a fair other than eating all day is the fun rides and games...we always wait until it gets darker to go on the rides...for some reason that creates more of a scary atmosphere. When I saw the old fashioned carosel I was reminded of how I used to be soo mesmorized by how pretty it always looked. My favorite animal to ride out of all of them was the zebra...funny

As I rode the rides I couldn't help but think...This would be Pamela's worst nightmare...haha miss you Italy!!

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