Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To My Fellow Le Centerans

So, I didn't mean to offend or downplay anyone with the earlier blog post. I didn't realize you all would get soo defensive and that many people actually would read it...

I also didn't wanna seem like I was self-centered. There were actually some others from my school who did go onto do great accomplishments too like next Picasso is now an amazing photographer, heard from a mile away is now heard a million miles away in London, next bill gates is working on some cool science experimental stuff that I could only pretend to comprehend, and most musical is traveling around the U.S. playing music in an orchestra. Sorry but best car your my bff forever but you still can't drive that yellow mustang!! Look how many times you almost killed all of us.

What I meant on the first post wasn't to bash anyone or where I am from. I tell people every day I am from Minnesota...I just wanted to show the younger generation that is growing up that they shouldn't worry about these mean or popular people in high school think or say, because one day you too can go on to do great things. Always dream big...and you can do whatever you want.  Don't worry about those haters..they are just secretly jealous.

Much love,
The Girl From New York

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