Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jenna Photography

Popuation 2,000
Photography: Jenna Holicky www.jenna-photograhpy.com
Styling and leggings: Me
Location: Le Center County Fair

Thanks sooo much Jenna :) They Turned out amazing.


  1. Hey Devyn its your boy Dan lee i love the photo shoot great !..... If you ever need anything you know i am here for ya!... Also i had a great time hanging and i hope to see some blogging about what you felt about true long life friends even with thousands of miles between :) Miss ya can not wait to come to New York!

  2. aww thanks dan lee!! :) love you

  3. HAY GURL,
    loving how artistic they are,
    BUT i feel the quality of the camera, maybe,
    is not the best....you are kinda blurry, there not CRISP!
    but sides thats they are STELLAR, but for reals honey,
    get a new photog!!

  4. i actually think the photography is good, very artistic and very natural. like look how calm that horse looks! you can see the emotion in both her and the horse


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