Monday, August 16, 2010

Coney Island

Saturday I finally got a day off from working. Me and Pamela decided to travel to Coney Island for a little summer sun before the summer is completely over. Coney Island isn't the nicest or most attractive beach around, I know, but it is a piece of NYC history! You can see all kinds of people and crazy things going on here. I even got convinced by a crazy brooklyner and two boys to go on the cyclone. Seriously some lady was almost going to kill me if I didn't go on the ride. She claimed it was a symbol of new york, and couldn't believe I hadn't been on the ride. After telling her I was from Minnesota she gave me the nickname of Minne-sober (because in her point of view half the state is sober and half the state is drunk. Funny, I lived there for 18 years and never heard that one). I couldn't let her keep talking so I decided to just do it. This old wooden sketch rollercoaster-whats the worst that can happen? The signs while standing in line were pretty your sunglasses, cellphones, and wigs (only in bk). The ride wasn't too bad. It was a bit rough and pretty jerky but I survived...and got a few good screams. Overall: Good Day. Got a good suntan (more like burn), got to ride the cyclone, and met some cool boys.

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