Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is what you call rough'n it

In Minnesota recreational camping is huge. I remember going camping with my family every weekend when I was younger to fun places all over the state. Being in New York I forgot how intense campers really are here. At the fair they were showing some model campers so I went inside to check them out.

Let's just say these campers put my little Manhattan apt to shame...I was considering just buying one and taking it back to NYC...maybe I can camp out in Central Park? haha proble not..but it was a good thought right? I mean these aren't your average campers Minnesotans take camping to a whole other level...

Come inside...

First walking into the door you see a huge living room and kitchen together. This is the couch and dinning table. The couch folds down into a bed for more sleeping space.
This is the kitchen space...not too bad
Then through a hallway and up some stairs into the bathroom...
...and master bedroom
The living room comes complete with two lazyboys, a flat screen TV, and even a doesn't even really sound like camping...that's why I love it!!:)

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