Monday, May 24, 2010


I am pretty obsessed with the color of pistachio pudding. I think I have liked the color ever since my mom made me the pudding when I was younger. Kinda funny to get inspired by such a weird thing...but my next collection I couldn't resist I am in love with the color!

In the fabric store I found the perfect color of spandex for my inspiration, and at home I already had some of this nude spandex polka dot fabric that looks really cool with it. As I started to design the dress I originally had planned to make the front of the dress have a deep v in the polka dot fabric and in the back have a cute little square out of the same polka dot. When I finished the dress I noticed that really since the fabric is so stretchy I could wear the dress either way! Which is pretty darn cool...a reversible dress..two totally different looks... :)
 one side
 other side

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