Saturday, September 18, 2010

"There's No Place Like...NYC"

So, everyone is most likely wondering how the show went last night...well if you weren't there you def should have been! It was quite the show. Thanks to the amazing models, makeup artists, Juliet, our friend Chris, all of our peeps that came, the photographers, and of course Pamela...none of this would have been possible. Thank god everything went smoothly...other than the fact that the hair stylist backed out and I myself had to do 17 girls hair including my own. Good thing I have some hair styling skills...all ya need is some hairspray and a teasing comb and your good to go for runway hair :)

Pamela, once again your dresses and shoes were amazing! And thanks for collaborating with my leggings and helping me to make something that was a dream of mine come true. Without you I don't know what I would do half the time! And no matter what tough things we have to go through...we always have our amazing fashion! We all truly have a talent...and if we can all work together we can all make it together.

Thanks again everyone! And remember...follow the yellow brick road...and your dreams will come true.

Here is our Wizard of Oz inspired collection...Click your ruby slippers 3 times...and say "There's No Place Like NYC..." 
Enjoy the show
The biggest and prettiest backstage we have had yet  :P
hairstyling skills...when designers can improvise :)
the intensity before the show...
i'm sure all of you recognize the pieces from my closet :P 

we love you!

more pics to come :)thank you Zohn Yancy and Sonny Norton for these photos...amazing!

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