Saturday, September 11, 2010


I seriously wish fashion week could be every week...I guess sometimes it is for me :) 

I went wandering around Soho for fashion night out since that is one of the mega shopping areas in the city. I'm not gunna lie this year it was a bit more annoying because there were sooooo many people! But I guess when stores advertise free food, drinks, and other cool pampering services that gets everyone out of the house. 

Since I live next to Aveda I started my night there. Got a free blow out (my hair was in total need of something), got a massage, and a whole bag of free hair product... very cool. Then we wandered over on to West Broadway. Stopped inside of Betsey Johnson, Victoria's Secret Pink, Crystalized, Burberry, and Chanel. I would have liked to go to more places but really there were too many people. 

I saw my dream boy's drive by in the back of the trailer. 3 boys dressed up like ken dolls...if only you could really pick them like that...

After the festivities I went to Soho Grand with a friend and chilled there. Rumors had it Kelly Cutrone was going to be there were tons of paparazzi kind of people outside and after we got in the place was packed! 
The whole night I was testing out a pair of leggings I made for the fashion show coming up the 17th...The bloggers were on the prowl, I could tell because most were trying to sneak a pic of me. I just told them it's fine go ahead and take it...My leggings were a pretty good hit. I def got a lot of compliments! Hopefully that means the upcoming show will be good :)

My complete outfit? Urban Outfitters Blazer, Victoria's Secret T, Leggings by Me, Jeffrey Campbell Wedges, Miss Gustto Bag, Forever 21 Necklace.

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