Monday, September 27, 2010

NYC...only the tall survive

It's true. Only the tall can survive in this crazy city. So if your 5"5' like me...then you better learn to walk in heels.

I need these shoes in my life...


  1. I think these are the nicest pair of leopard print shoes ever! Only JC could make such beauties. Thanks for posting!
    We found your blog on the H&M Facebook page and are looking forward to reading through the rest of your blog. Greetings from Ireland.
    Fifi & Niamh - take a look if you get a chance, we'd love your feedback - follow if you like what you see.

  2. Yes! Im in love...and cool blog I love the concept...makes it different from alot of the boring fashion blogs that are out there! I will def follow you guys!!



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