Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's what all the cool people are doing

It's what all the cool people are doing so why can't I? 

Today while I was sitting at home on this rainy day I paged through blogs to try and find inspiration and to figure out what all these cooler blogs with like a million followers have that dressed2love doesn't have.

I came to the conclusion that most of my fellow bloggers that are famous post up the same pictures at one point in time. They talk about all the main fashion heads and models as if they know them. A small portion of them actually do know the people they are talking about. I came across a handful that were actually worth reading...those I find interesting and inspiring I follow. The readers all follow these blogs like it's some kinda I guess to get people to do that to mine I gotta sell out...

Maintaining a blog is like seriously a full time job. You sit there all day at your computer screen pouring your heart out to people and trying to get your talent noticed. When I got into blogging it was only to keep people updated on what I was it's like a baby to me. Everywhere I go, I got my camera in hand....I even have a tab in my cellphone posted as blog notes...where I write all my inspiration while I am out and about. 

So here is NOT what I wore today...but maybe what I will wear tomorrow...I'm just putting it on here in hopes that this will be my big break post...haha just kidding :)

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