Friday, September 17, 2010

Can I Live In Your House

Wednesday night I got invited to a pretty cool party at one of the creators of Facebook's house. It was an exclusive party for a launch of the nail polish KnockOut with DKNY. 

Inside this amazing 6 story brownstone house right off 5th avenue and 10th Street, they had a manicurist giving girls mani's. What the perfect party: drinks, mani's, and chatting with friends. We also  got to take home the two cool matte shades which have the effect of a chalkboard...I couldn't resist to paint my nails with them as soon as I got home :)

The house itself was amazing...rumored at $22 million...I could def believe it. 6 stories of trees and spiral stairs. Crazy! I feel in love...when can I move in? I promise you won't even notice me living there. The walls were covered with all kinds of cool crazy artwork. Pieces of subway trains were my fav. Overall it was a pretty cool chill party. Thank you Mr. Facebook for my crazy addiction...

Check out the nail polishes at

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