Saturday, September 25, 2010

The DL.

Funny how back when I was younger my nickname was legs. Now years later I am making leggings. I guess ya gotta work with what ya got.

So, most people's question now is why did I decide to make leggings?

Well, it all started one night way before I even graduated from college. A friend and I were wandering around Brooklyn Heights by our dorm and I came across a giftcard on the ground. I don't know why I picked it up, but something told me to, so I did. It actually was an American Apparel giftcard and it had $50 on it. Sweet! So of course, I had to run to American Apparel right away and spend it. That was the night I fell in love...with leggings. I bought some cool black shiny looking ones. I was obsessed but my wallet couldn't afford such an addiction. $50 leggings is a lot of money when your going to school. I loved the quality and the fit of the brand. A lot of other leggings don't quite look the same after you wash them a few times.

After wandering around the garment district, I found out that I could just buy the fabrics and make the leggings myself! This is where my creations started to come alive. At first they started very simple and basic but with crazy materials. I then started to play around with adding zippers. However, in school I only worked with woven fabrics and had no knowledge in stretch, so I quickly noticed splitting seams. I had to make several pairs before I got it down. Everyone in the dorms always saw me sewing in the lounge and knew me as the sewing girl.

Overtime, my leggings started to get more and more complicated. I started playing with the idea of "What is a pair of leggings" and "what can I do to create my own identity?" I work with 3D and textured fabrics creating sort of illusions on the legs. On a daily basis it's completely normal for people to ask me if they can touch them. I found a way to make people question fashion. Something so simple, yet at the same time art.

Here's my first prototypes...

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