Monday, July 5, 2010

Yes, thats the key to my heart, and no you can't be my locksmith...

I had the best 4th of July weekend! Started off good: Friday was my birthday, Saturday I spent all day at Long Beach and got a mean sunburn, then Sunday hung out at Hudson River Park and watched the amazing firework display thanks to Macy's, Monday wandered around 5th Ave like a tourist taking tons of city pics :)  overall a great relaxing weekend of no work, just fun in the sun!

Saturday the beach was full of fun in the sun :) I even saw some pretty cute even did pushups to try and impress me--hahaha! 

I found a pretty cool necklace that is a skeleton key from the 1900's New England! Of course it was pretty tough to pick from the 20 they had available...but the one I picked talked to me :) 

I saw these really cool purses in a store on 5th Ave and fell in love!! Some were made out of real seashells, while others were meant to look like guitars or pianos! All kinds of crazy things...

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