Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 Rockers I Would Love to Dress

1. Lead Singer of Metric
2. Lead Singer of Yeah Yeah Yeah's
3. Lead Singer of La Roux

If I could dress anybody tomorrow these would be the three people I would dress...So now the question is...what would I put them in? My own creations of course! 

Metric "Gold, Guns, Girls"
This is what she wore for a concert...

But I would put her in this...
 shorts: by me

blondie vintage t...most likely I would alter it a bit...something more like this...

all the gold and all the guns couldn't get you off

Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll"
This was her in her outfit for Heads Will Roll music video

...but this is what I would put her in...
dress: by me

If she want's heads to roll...she's just gotta wear this dress 

La Roux "Bulletproof"
her outfit

...what I would put her in...
leggings: by me

hoodie: American Apparel
If she wants to be bulletproof..she's gotta check out my leggings :)

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