Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home is where the heart is...

The minute my plane landed in NYC, I felt at home. I moved out here with two suitcases to my name. That's pretty tough to do when you are an 18 year old with a closet half the size of your room. Some days I look back and wonder how the heck I went from a small town girl (a town of 2,000 people in Minnesota) to a girl who knows how to work the crazy city of NYC. For the first two years of my life in New York, I focused on school and had very few real friends in college. I mostly sat in my room sewing and drawing, since I was a little behind in skills. I had a lot to learn about this city.

Then I met Pamela. A girl from Italy, who came to New York to also follow her dream. For the first time in my life, I felt like I met a girl after the same heart as me. Someone willing to do whatever it takes and to learn everything she has from the people around her. So many people talk without listening. But those who get somewhere in New York listen to what everyone has to say, even someone who has little to say.

The minute I met Pamela, I knew, even though I couldn't understand a word she was saying (haha :P) that we were gunna be best friends. 2(?) year old born and raised in Italy.

Now 1 year later...here we are...taking over New York...pushing fashion to it's limits. 

3 fashion shows later...several doubters later...too many boys later...
...still following our dreams. 

The sky isn't even the limit, because we have no limit.

 Thank you Pamela, for being my best friend, and for inspiring me to follow my dreams even more :) and for helping me to become that much closer to who I am. I know I wouldn't be this far without you...Happy 1 Year...and MANY MANY more to come!! :)

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