Saturday, May 21, 2011

"I got a date with the Knight"

After my long day of wandering around Brooklyn I felt the need to come home and sew. I have been wanting to remake my final collection dress from college again but this time out of spandex. Since all the patterns were corrected soo many times until the fit was good I knew it wouldnt be too hard to get rid of the darts and use my fabrics :)

My final collection from college was inspired by the Knight's in shinning armor. I was at the met one day and for some reason when I went into the Knight section I knew that's what I wanted to use for my inspiration for my final collection. I was also obssessed with the song "Date with the Night" by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's...Thus my collection was born. I wanted the pieces to be really tailored and structured but yet simple...with textured fabrics. So I settled for a thin wool suiting in a blue greyed color and chocolate brown suede for the dress. I wanted the collection to be something that is timeless. I made this two years ago...but yet I can still wear it today and not look out of style.

Since I love the dress I decided to update it now to the fabrics I work with. Back in school we werent allowed to work with spandex at all...which is funny because we never really learned how to work with why I decided to use that as my fabric of choice I have no idea...So here is the new and improved...and glittery dress :)

"I got a date with the Knight"

This dress is available on my UsTrendy site!! Get it here:

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