Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JC Strikes Again

I know I have a problem...But I really couldn't pass these shoes up when I saw them (JC pony hair leopard print wedges)! I was dreaming of these shoes every night but the price tag was a bit out of my range at $194. But don't worry I actually didn't even pay a dime for them because I sold some of my older clothes at Buffalo Exchange to get them :) Gotta love that store. You can actually take all your old stuff in and get new stuff!! Best idea ever for those shopaholics...and the new store in Chelsea (26th between 6th and 7th) has everything from Louis Vuitton shoes, Coach purses, Betsey Johnson dresses, to even some vintage pieces...It's my blogs best kept secret...why spend a million dollars on things when you got Buffalo Exchange in your neighborhood!

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