Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I found a solution to still being able to wear my cute woodies even in the cold weather...SOCKS.
jeffrey campbell wedges, american eagle socks

This weekend I had some fun in Williamsburg...me and Pamela wanted to catch up on our vintage shopping. We had quite a little adventure and learned a few lessons- 1. dont trust a blackberry GPS in brooklyn 2. dont stop at a gas station and ask a taxi car driver directions...it makes you look vulnerable and a lady will ask you if you want to buy an old babyphat jacket. 3. next time just take the L into williamsburg.
 Photoshooting by the graffiti
 Scarier parts of brooklyn...Who left their cups there?
 Follow the hipsters...they will lead you to Williamsburg
 There is still hope!
 your lucky if your clothes make it out alive.
 empty streets and broken glass
 A photographer shooting...jealous!
 What you will find here is a mystery.
 Oh the places you will go
 We love Williamsburg...but we are always happy to go back to Manhattan.
 and have a date at Dallas BBQ
Are you free saturday night?
$6 leather jacket :)
Pamela's several finds...

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