Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brooklyn Botanic

Sunday is usually my lazy/fun day. Why not?

Me and one of my roommates Sayoko decided to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and check out the Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Talk about amazing! I haven't seen soo many beautiful flowers since back home in good old Minnesota. 

Im not usually one for liking flowers that someone buys from a store...but flowers in their natural state...I am in love. Maybe it comes from all the landscaping my mom and step dad always did growing up. All those saturdays spent at Home Depot when I wanted to be at the mall finally have paid off...and as they usually say... You dont always appreciate the things you do when you are young until you are much older and they are gone. 

Of course the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has nothing on my Mom's green thumb ;) But I must say I did get some pretty awesome pics of some of the many species of tulips I didn't know even existed. 

One would think a tulip is a tulip. But actually they are just as complicated as anything else in this world. 

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