Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sock Bun

My new years resolution was to be more creative with my hair...since I was seriously slacking and wearing a bed head all of 2012. So to avoid bed head I invested in a bunch of cool tools and watched a whole lot of youtube tutorials and have come up with some pretty legit looks.

But sometimes you just dont have time to spend curling and straightening hair...that's when this easy and effortless bun comes in!

Not only is it a cool and trendy look...but it's also cheap. All you need is a sock! (you can buy the piece in a store if the sock really freaks you out). For mine since I have a lot of hair and its pretty thick I used an american apparel knee sock just so it would be a pretty big voluptuous bun.

Believe it or not...but this look literally takes 5 minutes to create...and I did get a whole lot of compliments :)

-First, start with a sock. Whatever clean sock you wanna use. I used a black american apparel knee sock since I have pretty long and thick hair and wanted a pretty large bun. (I always go for a drastic look).

-Begin by rolling the sock inside out from the top opening. Try rolling the same thickness all the way down the sock to get a perfect donut. 

-When you reach desired size, cut the end (the foot part) of the sock off. 

-Now you are ready to add the sock to your hair. Pull your hair back into desired height pony and slip the sock on. 

-Next spread your hair evenly around the sock like so. Slip on a pony tail. I separated the two sides equally of the leftover hair to create a braid but once you reach this point you can also just bobby pin the extra down. I hate bobby pins lol so I did a little braid. 

-If you want the braided look, braid each side and wrap the braid around the bun covering the pony tail holder. I just tucked the braid end into the pony but you can also use bobby pins to secure it. 

-TA DA! In 5 minutes or less you now have this cool donut-sock-braided bun. 

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